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Curium acquires Zevacor Molecular

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 09, 2020
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Curium acquires Zevacor Molecular
Curium has acquired Zevacor Molecular, a producer of Strontium-82.

Initially owned by DMH Worldwide, the Zevacor Molecular business will be rebranded under the Curium name. It is expected to enhance Curium's stake in both PET and SPECT cardiac imaging.

“This acquisition fits our strategic goals of expanding our portfolio in the fast-growing PET market. As the world’s largest nuclear medicine company, we are uniquely positioned to bring additional value to Zevacor Molecular’s current portfolio,” said the CEO of Curium Group, Renaud Dehareng. “Further, Zevacor Molecular’s manufacturing infrastructure complements our strategic plans for future growth. We are excited to have the Zevacor Molecular employees join the Curium family.”

Strontium-82 is used for the production of Rubidium-82 generators. Rubidium-82 is the most frequently used cardiac PET imaging agent in the U.S.

News of the acquisition follows talk of a number of companies vying to purchase Curium Pharma. One is reported to be Fujifilm Holdings Corp. in a deal that is expected to be worth at least $3 billion (¥329.8 billion).

Zevacor Molecular is a a subsidiary of Illinois Health and Science (IHS), a nonprofit healthcare system that uses strategic investments in healthcare-related opportunities to enhance patient care. It was at one time was the owner of Zevacor Pharma, an affiliated radiopharmaceutical manufacturer of Zevacor Molecular that was acquired by Sofie Biosciences in 2017. Sofie Biosciences and Zevacor Pharma were merged and rebranded as one company under the name SOFIE.

“Curium has a long history of providing cardiac imaging products to our customers. This acquisition allows Curium to play a key role in the supply of both PET and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) cardiac imaging,” said CEO Dan Brague of North America for Curium in a statement. “We are very familiar with this market and look forward to helping healthcare providers and their patients.”

Financial terms were not disclosed.

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