Leading manufacturers lend support to Chinese hospitals in coronavirus epidemic

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | February 05, 2020
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OEMs are donating and supplying medical equipment to help hospitals in China diagnose and treat patients infected with the Coronavirus
Providers in China are experiencing an influx of medical imaging equipment and other necessary technologies from manufacturers worldwide, to help address the growing novel coronavirus epidemic that has swept across the country’s landscape.

A range of solutions have poured into hospitals across the East Asian nation, ranging from X-ray and ultrasound scanners to respiratory equipment, to help clinicians diagnose and treat the fatal disease, which has already taken the lives of more than 400, according to the Associated Press. Many deployments are the result of a spike in equipment orders, but some are personal donations offered by the OEMs themselves.

One hospital set to receive such devices is Leishenshan, a makeshift hospital constructed in just two weeks. The facility is set to open on Thursday, February 6, and will be equipped with a number of solutions supplied by Philips, including a CT scanner for diagnosing the effects of the disease and an ultrasound solution for rapid assessment of respiratory complications and remote diagnosis of critical cases. Other donations by the Dutch healthcare giant include patient monitors and ventilators, intensive care and bedside monitoring solutions, defibrillators, and air purifiers for air filtration and sterilization.
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“Considering the relief it could bring by helping to provide access to care and prevention at this time of crisis, we have worked fast to get this donation and expertise across,” said Margot Cooijmans, director of the Philips Foundation, in a statement. “The knowledge of Philips in the field of respiratory diseases and health technology was a critical part of this emergency response.”

Leishenshan is not the only makeshift hospital to be constructed since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, with the Chinese government recently completing another, Huoshenshan hospital — named after a fire God — in over 10 days in Wuhan, where the first case of the virus was confirmed and where more than 75,000 people are estimated to be infected, reports The Australian.

To help in supplying these and other hospitals with necessary resources, some manufacturers, such as United Imaging Healthcare, have set up spare part sites for quickly meeting needs. The Shanghai-based company has already installed more than $1.4 million in medical imaging equipment and protective gear, including one uCT 780 (160-slice CT scanner) and two uCT 760s (128-slice CT scanners) at Huoshenshan hospital. It has also accelerated production to deliver more than 100 CT scanners and X-ray machines to hospitals in Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, and other regions in China.

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