Brainlab acquires VisionTree Software

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | January 23, 2020
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Brainlab acquires VisionTree Software
Medical software designer Brainlab has acquired VisionTree Software, a developer of cloud-based, patient-centric solutions for data collecting and health management.

The purchase of the San Diego-based enterprise is expected to provide Brainlab software users with technology that can measure quality of life and the condition of a patient following treatment. Both are objective measures that can help increase medical procedure outcomes in critical interventions.

“I believe that patient data must ultimately be controlled by the patient,” said Stefan Vilsmeier, Brainlab president and chief executive officer, in a statement. “The acquisition of VisionTree adds a tool to our portfolio that will give the patient more control over the data that is generated by our systems for the benefit of better treatment.”
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Quality of life and one’s condition following treatment are two of a number of aspects that providers and payers are looking to integrate in their care regimens, as hospitals switch from the traditional fee-for-service model to that of value-based care.

Brainlab software supports a number of digital workflows for critical treatments, producing insights based on detailed anatomical data derived with the anatomical mapping capabilities of Brainlab programs.

The addition of VisionTree’s technologies is expected to complement the cloud-based infrastructure and registry solutions of Brainlab by creating more comprehensive quality reporting and patient engagement, based on a higher quality and depth of data. It also will further automate the process of collecting information.

Among the solutions VisionTree has to offer is its ePRO technology, which will expand Brainlab’s reach to more than 600 global healthcare providers that use the solution to collect granular and well-structured outcome data directly from 2.5 million consenting patients. Another is the VisionTree Optimal Care (VTOC) platform, which allows for integration with EHR, research and registry platforms. Brainlab plans to combine its software ecosystem with the platform to create streamlined and paperless workflows that combine and provide patient-reported outcomes with anatomical information, treatment plans and surgical events, to more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

These technologies together are expected to enable users to apply point-of-care electronic forms to capture semantically structured data that is otherwise only available in text format, such as patient demographics that are entered on a tablet when a patient is admitted. Brainlab predicts that the combination of these solutions will further the progress of registries, clinical trials and work of clinicians dedicated to using big data to improve treatments.

In return, Brainlab will continue to invest in the VTOC platform to support its ability to collect data across all available sources, including smart devices and wearables. It will also further enhance the patient portal and enable patients to control the handling and processing of data.

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