First MRIdian MR-guided radiotherapy treatments begin in the United Kingdom

First MRIdian MR-guided radiotherapy treatments begin in the United Kingdom

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CLEVELAND, Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ViewRay, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRAY) announced today that the first MRIdian MRI-guided radiotherapy system in the United Kingdom (UK) – located at GenesisCare Oxford – has begun patient treatments. MRIdian combines high definition MRI imaging with linear accelerator radiation therapy to allow clinicians to visualize and adapt therapy as they treat tumors throughout the body.

The first patient treated with MRIdian at Oxford was treated for prostate cancer using fully adapted stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). SBRT involves the delivery of higher doses of radiation than conventional radiation therapy in fewer treatment sessions. Using MRIdian's adaptive therapy capabilities, the radiation plan is optimized and adjusted to address movement and anatomical changes. This helps to ensure maximum coverage is achieved while sparing nearby tissue and organs in order to significantly reduce side effects.

"MRI-guided radiotherapy is the most exciting development in advanced radiotherapy we've seen in years," said Philip Camilleri, M.D., Consultant Clinical Oncology & GenesisCare Clinical Director of Uro-Oncology. "Bringing the MRIdian Linac to Oxford and other centers within the GenesisCare network delivers on our promise to provide the best available cancer care. This remarkable system allows high-dose, highly accurate treatment to be provided to every patient treated, every day. Doing so will mean patients will have to make fewer trips to complete their treatment."


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Initially, the clinical team at Oxford will focus their MRI-guided radiation therapy program on treating organ-confined prostate cancer where they believe MRIdian's precision offers significant benefits in reducing treatment side effects. In the coming months, the program will be expanded to other targets throughout the body, including pancreatic and liver tumors, where MRIdian's continuous imaging and adaptive therapy capabilities are particularly critical.

The MRIdian at GenesisCare in Oxford is the first system to be installed in the UK, but more will follow. As part of its agreement with ViewRay, the company is committed to the deployment of multiple MRIdian systems within its network. GenesisCare will also work in collaboration with the University of Oxford to develop research protocols that will allow National Health Service patients to access MRIdian treatment. As the largest provider of private cancer services in the UK, Spain and Australia, GenesisCare operates more than 130 oncology and cardiology centers in total, offering radiotherapy at 14 centers in the UK, 21 centers in Spain and 30 centers in Australia.

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