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GE Healthcare launched more than 30 new AI applications at RSNA

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | December 11, 2019
Artificial Intelligence CT Women's Health X-Ray
Revolution Maxima CT system
GE Healthcare launched more than 30 new AI applications at RSNA, as well as a new CT solution and the first contrast-enhanced mammography solution for biopsy.

The healthcare tech giant showcased algorithms designed for modalities across its entire equipment portfolio, including the new Revolution Maxima, a CT scanner that can automatically align patients to the isocenter of the bore and determine the location of landmarks for different CT exams.

“Before, the technologist would have to use the foot pedals to raise the patient and move them into the bore. They would have to set the laser, and make sure they had set the right landmarks and the right center position,” Jamie McCoy, chief marketing officer for molecular imaging and computed tomography at GE Healthcare, told HCB News. “Basically we’ve eliminated all those steps, and with the press of one button you can automatically position the patient in the bore in the exact right spot for every exam.”
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The algorithm uses real-time depth sensing technology to generate a 3D model of the patient’s body to determine the center of the scan range and lines the patient up accordingly, reducing risks of incorrect positioning such as exposure to higher dose and poor image quality.

While the Revolution Maxima is FDA cleared and now available, the AI-based auto positioning is 510(k) pending.

Another new addition is the Edison Open PACS AI Orchestrator, which enables customers to onboard algorithms from GE, as well as third-party algorithms or their own, in order to enhance reading workflow and prioritization. The results appear based on the set workflow configuration, with indicators showing if an algorithm has found something of interest. Users can then look in their viewer and see what AI has uncovered in pre-triage.

“Rather than navigating to a specific slice or area and interrogating it, you are given some advanced knowledge of what AI has found to make it easier to navigate to where a critical finding may be in that particular exam,” said Tim Rose, senior director of digital product management at GE Healthcare.

The Edison Open PACS AI Orchestrator is built on GE's Edison platform.

Serena Bright
GE Healthcare also debuted Serena Bright, a 510(k)-pending mammography scanner that can utilize contrast-enhanced images to guide breast biopsies.

Serena Bright

“Before, contrast-biopsies could only be performed with an MR, which can be costly and take a long time to get access to. For some patients, it can also be very uncomfortable,” said Agnes Berzsenyi, president and CEO of Women’s Health at GE Healthcare. “This biopsy solution is basically utilizing the exact same mammography screening room.”

Contrast images highlight areas of unusual blood flow to help localize lesions that require biopsies. The solution utilizes GE Healthcare’s SenoBright HD Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) software to detect malignant lesions not seen on mammography or ultrasound in certain cases. Robotics and touch screen technology are used to produce correct positioning for the biopsy.

The solution is expected to be especially helpful for patients with dense breast tissue, which can often lead to inconclusive diagnostic mammogram findings. In 2020 the American College of Radiology plans to launch a trial that will compare the accuracy of contrast-enhanced spectral mammography to that of DBT and whole-breast ultrasound. GE Healthcare will be a partner in this endeavor.

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