Ocutrx unveils ORLenz for surgery visualization technology in ARWear headset

Ocutrx unveils ORLenz for surgery visualization technology in ARWear headset

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 10, 2019 Operating Room
Irvine, Calif. (October 10, 2019) – Ocutrx Vision Technologies, LLC, a California-based technology startup developing a state-of-the-art augmented reality headset, is excited to reveal the company's most significant technology milestone to date—a next generation AR headset technology for Surgery Visualization called the ORLenz™, a second medical device related to their flagship Oculenz™ ARWear™ headset for Macular Degeneration. A prototype of this technology is being formally introduced at the American Academy of Ophthalmology 2019 Conference in San Francisco this October during the dedicated Retina Subspecialty Day.

The ORLenz technology breakthrough will be available for surgeons and retinal specialists to utilize during procedures as an aid for delivering the most effective care possible. The ORLenz allows for a 120 degree field of view and a resolution of sixty pixels-per-degree —the highest resolution the human eye can discern (at 20/20). Ocutrx has developed its own 6DoF (6 degrees of freedom) platform for enhanced 2D and 3D "posing" of graphics and holograms from MRI's, CT scans and other 2D/3D/4D medical imaging. The ORLenz also takes the direct feed from a digital microscope and portrays the surgery images to the surgeon in 2D or 3D. ORLenz's MedTiles™ provide an overlay of vital surgery information on the 3D picture of the surgery. The ORLenz weighs about 250 grams and is wireless and tetherless, providing comfort and complete freedom of movement for the surgeon. It operates with Ocutrx's WiDtrx wireless system which allows video transmission without wires at multi-gigabit speeds with the same or less latency than a hard-wired connection like HDMI.

"We have been looking forward to the debut of our new ORLenz for Surgery Visualization feature for quite some time now as we've painstakingly worked to fine tune the technology for optimal utility among surgeons across a wide variety of specialties and needs," said Michael Freeman, CEO and CTO of Ocutrx. "Unveiling the prototype at the American Academy of Ophthalmology will provide an opportunity for hands-on demonstrations of the technology within a community of processionals who have been extremely vocal in expressing their interest in the value this tool will be able to offer them during delicate procedures."

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The ORLenz also has a MedTiles™ subsystem visual presentation, which is an overlay of vital information (text and graphs) in virtual display over the operating view. The MedTiles are virtually presented like windows or chyron generated information visible within the AR field-of-view. For Ophthalmologic surgery, included in the MedTiles is information like IOP (intraocular pressure), Cut Rate, and Flow Rate. The MedTiles also show which "Mode" a surgeon is in (Vitrectomy, Extrusion, Dense Tissue). This data is visible at the voice command of the surgeon and will run at the option of the surgeon at the bottom, side or top of his/her AR lens view. The MedTiles can also pose in a "horizon" view, where the surgeon can either dip his/her eyes below the virtual horizon to include this information as an overlay or raise his/her eyes above the horizon to only see the digital microscope view. The same works for either side viewing or top horizon. In this fashion, surgeons who dislike data distraction while conducting surgery can have the option of including the text and graph information at all times, or make a slight head or eye adjustment when needed to "see" the information when they choose.

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