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Q & A with Dale Surowitz, CEO of Providence Tarzana Medical Center

por Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | August 27, 2019
From the August 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

I can tell you I grew up in this community, I live in this community, raised my children in this community. From my perspective, the community deserves to have a facility that will allow people to not feel like they have to leave the San Fernando Valley for healthcare.

HCB News: What’s the makeup of the community as far as payor sources?
DS: While our hospital demographic mix is 65-75% Medicare or HMO/PPO, it is changing. Much of our secondary service areas see 30-40% Medi-cal HMO services area.

Photos illustrate Providence core values -
compassion, justice, excellence, dignity, integrity.
HCB News: What has been staff reaction to the new developments?
DS: The hospital and medical staff have been extremely positive about our new relationship with Cedars. The staff members were extremely happy when Providence made the significant commitment to invest the money in the community. They’ve been very pleased with the presence of Cedars-Sinai. Cedars has tremendous reputation and cachet that resonates within our medical staff, hospital staff and community. We’ve provided outstanding care since the inception of the hospital in 1973. Since Providence took over the ownership of the hospital in 2008, we’ve seen continual growth and qualitative improvements within the facility, and have been recognized with national awards, including Healthgrades’ America’s Top 50 Hospitals award. However, with Cedars’ presence coupled with a new campus, we feel we can create something very special and truly exceptional for those we serve.

HCB News: Something else unique to note, I don’t think there are many CEOs who could have worked for three different hospitals while still basically having their same parking spot…
DS: I do hear jokes about that! Certainly, it’s unique that I grew up in this community, raised my children in this community and now many grandchildren are being raised in this community. This happens a lot in rural areas, but not so much in urban areas like Los Angeles. It’s very personal to me and I think it gives me an important perspective about my role and the key need the hospital fulfills in the Region.

HCB News: You’ve touched upon this already, but are there more details you can offer on how this new hospital will benefit patients?

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