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Tips for creating a successful pediatric radiology department or practice

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | March 08, 2019
From the March 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Happy child means happy parent?

Towbin said that is not necessarily the case.

“If we have a kid here for an upper gastrointestinal test because they are throwing up all the time, I can keep them happy for that test,” he said. “The result may be normal and the parent [might be] unhappy because we don’t have an answer to explain why their kid is throwing up.”

When it comes to interpersonal interactions, a facility may do a good job of interacting with a child, but unintentionally say something off-putting to the parent. In that case, the child might leave happy, but the parent is unhappy.

One potential way to ensure parents are happy is to allow them to see the results of a test right away. Towbin explained that the results traditionally go to the ordering provider and then are delivered to the patients or parents, but now the parents want access to those results immediately.

At his facility, they offer the results via the EMR portal with either no embargo or a 48-hour embargo. In some cases, an embargo is needed because oncology wants to review the results and discuss things first.

“The next step is letting them see the pictures,” said Towbin. “It’s more than just a report – we spent all this time and they spent all this money to get their images taken and they should have access to see them. We are working on that now because that is where we want to be.”

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