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Hologic launches Unifi Analytics to curb mammo downtime

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | February 14, 2019
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Unifi Analytics
U.S. Mammography sites may soon have fewer concerns about unplanned downtime with the use of Hologic’s Unifi Analytics.

The women’s health provider has launched the business intelligence tool throughout the country to help providers manage their mammography systems, monitor the performance of technologists and detect signs of unexpected downtime with the use of its predictive tube replacement technology.

"Although tube failures aren't something a facility will deal with on a monthly basis, they can still have a tremendous impact," Pete Valenti, Hologic's division president of breast and skeletal health solutions, told HCB News. "On average, a tube failure will result in unplanned downtime of approximately three business days, which will result in lost revenue. Beyond financial loss, unplanned downtime can also negatively impact patient experience, delay diagnoses and disrupt workflow. Unifi Analytics can predict tube failures before they happen, letting facilities replace the component and completely avoid downtime."

Tracking a facility’s installed base of mammography systems, the solution enables providers to set benchmarks for comparing performance with one another, based on statistical analyses of the technology’s efficiency and technologist’s accuracy.

The information for these analyses is collected through secure, encrypted channels and de-identified in accordance with HIPAA privacy rules to form actionable insights that help administrators make informed business decisions, identify potential risks and challenges, and maximize device utilization.

The web-based platform also helps imaging centers avoid unanticipated and costly downtime by utilizing advanced machine intelligence to predict tube failures before they occur. In addition, the solution offers predictive procedure volume and quality metrics reports to notify facilities if they are off target and need to make adjustments immediately to avoid any issues that put them out of compliance with the Mammography Quality standards Act (MQSA).

"Any imaging center providing mammography services would benefit from the insights provided by Unifi Analytics," said Valenti. "Health systems and imaging providers using Unifi Analytics are empowered with insights that allow them increase efficiency, improve the patient experience, maximize device utilization, increase technician performance and reduce costly downtime."

No personal health information is collected or shared.

The system is only compatible with Hologic mammography systems.

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