Canon Medical debuts Aquilion Start CT system at Arab Health

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | February 04, 2019
CT X-Ray
Aquilion Start
Canon Medical Systems Corporation launched the latest addition to its Aquilion CT family this week at Arab Health in Dubai.

Designed with the smallest installation footprint in its class, the Aquilion Start offers high-quality imaging to healthcare institutions in areas that lack access to diagnostic CT scanners, at an affordable total cost-of-ownership and economical running costs.

“Improving life for all lies at the heart of everything we do,” Canon Medical president and CEO Toshio Takiguchi said in a statement. “The Aquilion Start realizes our vision to support more medical institutions to deliver quality care. This continues in the Aquilion tradition to deliver an exceptional patient experience, without compromise on comfort, safety or quality of diagnosis.”
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Growing costs and the need to balance budgets often hinders the ability of healthcare institutions to provide patients with the newest technologies for high-quality care, especially in emerging countries, where the lack of available CT scanners often requires many to travel long distances to hospitals where they are located. The release of Aquilion Start is meant to provide more facilities with a CT system so that trips made by patients can be shorter, such as to a nearby clinic.

The system offers a spacious gantry for comfortable scanning of even the largest patients, as well as intuitive controls and increased automation to help staff quickly learn how to operate it.

It also comprises advanced technologies from premium CT systems, including AIDR 3D (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D) Enhanced, for improved patient safety with up to 75 percent dose reduction; PUREViSION Detector for faster routine scans and optimized image quality and dose; SURESubtraction to boost efficiency with workflow improvements; and SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) for confident diagnoses of patients with metal implants.

In addition to optimizing patient safety, the technologies quicken the clinical decision-making process and prioritize workflow efficiency.

Aquilion Start is now available in select markets.

Canon was unavailable to comment.

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