FDA greenlights Siemens' floor-mounted DR system for distribution

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | January 23, 2019
Multix Impact
The FDA has given Siemens Healthineers the green light to begin distributing its new floor-mounted digital radiography system, Multix Impact.

Geared toward the lower end of the radiology market, the DR solution is designed as an affordable source of high-quality imaging.

“When you look at the healthcare market, in inpatient hospitals, you’re going to have higher volume X-ray sites. When you move into the urgent care and clinic environment, typically you’re going to see lower volumes,” Joe D’Antonio, director of radiography, fluoroscopy, mobile and twin robotic X-ray products at Siemens Healthineers North America, told HCB News. “You need a system that is priced competitively, such that you can offer the radiology services but also afford the equipment.”
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The Multix Impact provides patients with a free-floating, flat tabletop to easily lie on, with a touch user interface on the X-ray tube that allows technologists to remain at their sides for longer periods of time.

During the procedure, the technologist can continuously monitor the patient from the control room using the patient positioning camera. This ensures reduced need for repeat scanning and avoids excessive patient dose.

The solution is also equipped with an intuitive user interface that provides graphical program selection and a patient positioning guide on the in-room touchscreen and control room workstation. Further support can be found in its versatile wireless detectors, and motorization and tracking features, which help reduce the physical activities of staff members.

While designed primarily for clinics, the solution is available to any provider with a need for one.

“Generally speaking, it’s ideal for locations where there is limited space, which makes it ideal for urgent care, outpatient radiology centers,” said D’Antonio. “But that’s not exclusive. You could put this into a community or even an academic medical center. But based on the configuration of the X-ray tube being floor mounted instead of ceiling-mounted, it’s generally used in environments where the patients are ambulatory.”

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