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Fujifilm USA adds new digital radiography detectors to portfolio

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | November 30, 2018
Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. is branching out its portfolio of digital radiography solutions with the addition of two new DR detectors.

Showcasing the systems this week at the 2018 Radiological Society of North America conference in Chicago, the diagnostic imaging and medical informatics manufacturer discussed the advantages offered by the CALNEO Dual and the FDR ES.

The latest in Fujifilm’s detector technology, the 17x17” CALNEO Dual is a standard cassette-sized detector that can produce traditional, soft tissue only and bone only images with one single exposure. These different types can be used to visualize or track lung cancer nodules.

“Traditionally, dual energy’s attraction is usually only available as a built-in detector. You buy an X-ray room and it’s usually the high-end X-ray room," Robert Fabrizio, director of strategic marketing for digital X-ray and women’s health, told HCB News. "This is a portable detector that can be retrofitted into any system. In addition, traditional energy’s attraction has two exposures so it does two-exposure rapidly. But in those two exposures, you have motion like the heart beat and lung breathing. With this being one exposure, there’s less chance for motion. It basically eliminates motion artifacts.”

Its dual sensitivity capture layer design, coupled with Fujifilm intelligent energy subtraction processing, enhances the definition of general X-rays, creating greater clarity and accuracy in the separation of bone detail and soft tissue. Its size is also an advantage, enabling users to remove the detector from the chest stand and use it on the table as well.

The FDR ES detector is a next-generation X-ray room retrofit solution equipped with Fujifilm’s high sensitivity detector technologies, as well as the latest refinements in image processing. A light and portable solution, the detectors are designed with simplified integration, providing a more affordable DR retrofit while still maintaining dose, workflow and image quality performance.

“It’s a more cost-effective detector designed for retrofitting rooms, whereas premium detectors are built with high durability, water-proofness and extra capabilities that you really need for mobile imaging but not necessarily in a room," said Fabrizio. "So with the ES detector, you’re not sacrificing all the image quality and detector efficiencies that we normally provide in the high-end detector. You’re able to retrofit a room at a more economical cost.”

The FDR ES detector is currently available for sale. The CALNEO Dual is currently only available in Japan and will be out next year in the U.S.

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