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Carestream unveils interactive multimedia and workflow enhancements

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | November 29, 2018
Health IT
Clinical Vue Reporting module
Carestream Health kicked off this year’s RSNA in Chicago with showings of Carestream Vue Reporting, a module offering new interactive multimedia reporting capabilities to users of the Clinical Collaboration Platform, along with enhancements of its Workflow Orchestrator module.

Consisting of graphs, tables, images and hyperlinks among other elements, the added features are designed to enhance the quality of traditional reporting to ensure stronger collaborations and productivity among providers, referring physicians, and patients.

“Instead of just a plain text report, all the findings are marked as hyperlinks," Tomer Zonens, worldwide product line manager for healthcare information solutions at Carestream, told HCB News. "When I click, it takes me to the finding directly, saving me time in trying to figure out what the other person was trying to tell me.”

The use of hyperlinks and bookmarks enables users to point out specific anatomical regions and findings that clinicians and patients should be aware of, allowing them to easily navigate reports with the click of a mouse.

The module also offers user-defined templates, structured reports and embedded voice recognition capabilities for increasing turnaround time, while offering reading and reporting in a single workspace system which can easily be deployed and trained across multiple sites and in multi-vendor environments. Such innovations offer not just improved outcomes but reduced costs too, with clinicians able to access the functionality on their enterprise viewer and patients through the patient portal.

The healthcare IT enterprise also discussed new innovations for Workflow Orchestrator, including added support for better monitoring of resident daily workflow at universities, which is the targeted audience for these workflow enhancements.

“With university healthcare systems, the workflow is a little bit more complex. Each report needs to be read by a resident as part of a preliminary read, and then by an attending supervisor radiologist. There is a lot that can be optimized in that field," said Zonen. "We believe that the Orchestrator can help universities improve the entire efficiency of the entire workflow, specifically on the entire teaching workflow of the residents attending.”

The addition of interactive multimedia reporting is based on its successful deployment at a variety of places, including at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center for serial tumor measurements and the University of Virginia Health Center for MR, CT and PET-CT studies.

Private reading groups, LDNs and larger, multi-sited facilities can expect to benefit from the new Workflow Orchestrator support in addition to universities. Still a work in progress, a zero footprint diagnostic workstation is anticipated to be available on the module as well in 2019.

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