DITEC - Cursos que se convierten y entregar el entrenamiento a la industria

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | July 18, 2005
Manny Roman, President, DITEC
Manny Roman, founder and President of DITEC, announces their new training program for the LORAD M-IV Mammography unit and OEC 9800 C-Arm.

As technology changes and adapts to the needs of medical care, keeping the equipment operational and calibrated is essential to good patient care and good service training is critical.

In developing courses to meet the service needs of the biomedical departments, Mr. Roman feels there are three things that have to exist to make training necessary:
1) An installed base of machines,
2) Enough people who want to come to training, and
3) Parts availability so that maintenance can be delivered.

Mr. Roman points out that, "DITEC develops their own courses, including logic diagrams, and does not rely on OEM Manuals. Developing a course generally takes 10 weeks for each 1 week of a course." This is why the three criteria are so important in their decision to develop a training course for a modality or piece of equipment.

Radiology Maintenence Class at DITEC's Solon, OH
Training Center

Responding to the needs and time constraints of their students, Mr. Roman recognizes the need for online/distance education. By delivering training to people at their jobs Mr. Roman anticipates a reduction of worker downtime and increased efficiency on the job. DITEC is developing this part of their business and expects to know more towards the end of the year.