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Hitachi to install its first single-room compact proton therapy system

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 25, 2018
Rad Oncology Proton Therapy
Hitachi one-room proton
therapy system
Hitachi Ltd. has agreed to install its first compact proton therapy system at the planned Shonan Kamakura Advanced Medical Center, slated to open in September 2022.

Ordered by the Tokushukai Medical Group, their Single Room Solution is designed to reduce footprint to 70 percent of conventional solutions, a feature that has grown in demand and expanded the desire for one room systems among proton therapy users worldwide.

“We have recently seen a trend for more one-room opportunities in the market,” Henry Itami, executive general manager of radiation therapy systems division at Hitachi Ltd., told HCB News. “Hitachi will continue to support the multi-room system, as there are still such opportunities out there, but our focus on providing the best one-room solution where not just the technology is important but also the size and cost of the system, will increase.”
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Behind the minimization of footprint is the solution’s optimized system configuration, which also enables installation in urban limited areas, helps to lower initial costs and shortens lead time.

In addition, the system possesses spot scanning technology for treating certain forms of cancer and full rotating gantry with cone beam CT for precise patient positioning to sustain high-performance technologies in a minimized footprint.

Tokushukai intends to build the center near Shonan Kamakura General Hospital with a four-story building and one basement floor encompassing the location of the hospital’s work in proton therapy along with boron neutron capture therapy, radioisotope therapy, drug discovery research and PET support.

“Tokushukai has selected Hitachi based on its already established relationship from the past, as well as Hitachi's track record of working with major cancer institutions for proton therapy in both Japan and in the U.S.; our proven technology in pencil beam scanning; and the highest treatment uptime in the available market, which has been achieved at our seven treatment centers in Japan and the U.S.,” said Itami. “Tokushukai also highly regarded Hitachi's total capability as a healthcare company, and the cost savings from a utility and shielding perspective based on the synchrotron accelerator design.”

Hitachi's Single Room Solution will be unveiled on October 21 at the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

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