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Siemens and NuVasive collab to enhance spinal surgery

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | August 10, 2018
Artificial Intelligence CT X-Ray
NuVasive and Siemens have partnered
to enhance spinal surgery technology
and OR workflow
Like the thoracic vertebrae connects to the lumbar vertebrae, so too will Siemens Healthineers and NuVasive Inc. in an effort to improve OR workflow and offer greater precision in the use of minimally disruptive spinal surgery technology.

The first step of the Spine Precision Partnership will oversee the combination of NuVasive’s Pulse surgical automation platform with Siemens Healthineers’ Cios Spin mobile 3D imaging system for intra-operative quality assurance for greater visualization and advanced clinical benefits for driving superior patient outcomes. The collaboration will be presented in September at the North American Spine Society 2018 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

“The collaboration between NuVasive and Siemens, known as the Spine Precision Partnership, will provide clinical value to surgeons and hospitals with increased workflow efficiency and improved visualization to drive superior patient outcomes,” Matt Link, executive vice president of strategy, technology and corporate development at NuVasive, told HCB News. “World-class imaging is essential for successful spine surgery, and we are thrilled to partner with a global powerhouse and innovator in the surgical-imaging space.”
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Spinal surgery often includes costly, intraoperative CT scans that require the use of multiple, disparate navigation systems. Such a challenge adds time to overall procedures and limits the use of this equipment for spinal operations.

The Pulse system can be used throughout entire procedures in nearly all spine cases, requiring minimal setup and offering both 2D and 3D navigation along with smart imaging capabilities. It also includes neuromonitoring, surgical planning, radiation reduction and patient-specific bending technologies that create an intuitive workflow and support reproducible spine surgery at a range of facilities, from health systems to ambulatory surgical settings.

The Cios Spin platform is a mobile 2D and 3D C-arm that provides precise 3D imaging and intraoperative quality control by enabling users to validate their planned results. It uses 3D imaging as a basis for performing intraoperative corrections, helping to avoid unnecessary costs borne from complication rates, postoperative CT scans or the duration of a patient’s stay. In addition, the solution is easy to learn, use and integrate into a surgical routine.

“The combination of the Siemens’ Cios Spin and the NuVasive Pulse platform will provide an integrated solution that can offer workflow improvement to a surgeon at a more economical price point [in comparison] to the hospital,” said Link. “The smaller footprint is more manageable than a CT scan in a crowded OR. Our solutions will be procedurally integrated, specifically, with the surgeon’s workflow in mind, to drive higher utilization.”

The FDA recently issued its stamp of approval for NuVasive’s Pulse system in July.

Cios Spin is pending 510(k) clearance and is currently not available for sale in the U.S.

Siemens Healthineers was not available for comment.

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