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US lawmakers seek exemption for medical devices under China tariffs

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 01, 2018
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Executive director Patrick Hope of the Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance praised Paulsen and Peters for their actions, saying their support further strengthens the medical imaging community’s opposition to imposing tariffs on much needed technologies.

“This bipartisan initiative to exempt medical devices from proposed tariffs, which is supported by 40 members of Congress, demonstrates congressional recognition of the enormous economic and health value of medical devices, including imaging technologies,” he said in a statement. “We thank Congressmen Paulsen and Peters for leading this effort and for advocating on behalf of their constituents and our employees and the patients they serve.”

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MITA’s parent company, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, testified in May before a section 301 committee on the negative repercussions that the tariffs would inflict upon U.S. manufacturers.

"According to U.S. government trade data, we have estimated the 2017 value of Chinese shipments to U.S.-based electrical and medical imaging manufacturers was approximately $9 billion, or slightly less than 1/5 of the entire $50 billion in imports targeted by the proposal," NEMA told HCB News. "If the 25 percent tariffs are implemented as proposed, they would represent a tax increase on U.S. manufacturers and their industrial, commercial, and residential customers valued at about $2.25 billion.”

U.S. manufactures are the leading suppliers of medical devices to China with a 33 percent share of all imports, an approximate value of $5 billion.

The final list of U.S. imports covered under the Section 301 tariffs is due to be announced by June 15.

Peters did not respond for comment.

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