Detection Technology to debut new 15x11 cm flat-panel detector

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 29, 2018
Digital Radiography X-Ray
X-Panel 1511
Detection Technology is breaking into the complementary metal oxide semiconductor X-ray detector market with the debut of its X-Panel 1511.

The 15x11 cm solution is the first of the China-based company’s X-Panel portfolio of flat-panel detectors, offering twice the scanning speed of industry average devices and providing high image quality under low-dose operation modes.

“Compared to the mainstream X-ray panels, which are based on a-Si, CMOS has its inherited merits such as faster speed, higher resolution and lower noise,” Chen Wu, vice president of the medical business unit at Detection Technology, told HCB News. “This makes it a more desirable choice in some applications, like cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and surgery imaging. Some drawbacks of CMOS, such as relatively high cost and radiation hardness, we believe can be improved by technological innovations. It is still a fast-growing market.”
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Equipped with a frame rate of up to 94 fps in full size and full resolution, the system reduces the influence of motion blur induced by patient movements, producing razor-sharp images. In a specific panoramic mode, the solution can even acquire images at around 1,000 fps.

X-Panel 1511 boosts the performance of dental CBCT and panoramic X-ray image applications, and is powered by a 16-bit ADC to provide fast, low-noise and high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion.

It also has an X-ray energy range of 40-125 kVP and offers a data buffer with a specific scan-to-buffer mode that can store a full pack of up to 500 frames, ensuring that extra imaging data management safety is in place.

Additional assets include a Gigabit Ethernet interface and a software development kit for simple integration.

The solution, according to Wu, can support a number of dental applications and medical imaging modalities, including mini C-arms and mammography systems, with “the high speed and imaging quality allowing system vendors to provide more precise image details and more features to patients.”

Konica Minolta recently unveiled two new flat-panel detectors of its own this November at RSNA, a 10x12 inch for imaging fine structures of smaller anatomies such as extremities, and a 17x17 inch for larger anatomical areas such as the thorax, chest and abdomen.

X-Panel 1511 is built on a scalable platform that enables a number of different panel sizes.

It will be on display in June at the Chinese dental exhibition and science conference, Sino-Dental 2018, at the China National Convention Centre in Beijing.

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