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Agfa cleared for release of three-in-one system

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 09, 2018
DR 800 multi-purpose imaging system
U.S. providers can soon expect to perform radiography, fluoroscopy and a range of advanced clinical applications on one platform following the FDA’s clearance of Agfa’s DR 800 multipurpose imaging system.

The three-in-one solution cuts down on preparation, waiting and procedure times, while producing images with high quality and low-dose exposure, enabling faster and more confident diagnoses as well as greater uses of rooms.

"Traditional R&F rooms sit dormant in many departments due to the age of the equipment and the limits of the design," George Curley, director of marketing communications for medical imaging at Agfa, told HCB News. "The DR 800 can be used for fluoroscopy in the morning, be used for interventional radiology and specialists such as GI and Pain Management in the afternoon and serve equally well as a general radiology room after hours."

Users can expect to perform a range of procedures including uncompromising chest imaging, thanks to the solution’s 180 cm SID, and fast, high-precision Full Leg Full Spine exams with its EasyStitch technology.

Equipped with Dynamic MUSICA, the system can process static and dynamic images with the same top quality and low dose used by radiology departments that depend on MUSICA worldwide.

Integrated with the MUSICA platform is the XERO universal viewer which offers secure access to images from different departments and sources in one view. Other features include instant messaging and clinical dialogue to enhance consultations between radiologists and radiographers on study acquisitions.

When combined with the solution’s Cesium Iodide detector technology, MUSICA image processing offers high-speed, high-resolution imaging, as well as the potential for dose reduction. Its LiveVision technology provides further enhancement by allowing for dose-free remote positioning.

DR 800’s customizable design provides users with high-frequency fluoroscopy generator options that include 50, 65 or 80 kW, while its image processing software suppresses greater amounts of noise, reduces veiling glare and dose production, and offers excellent brightness control.

Curley says the combination of all of these features enable the system to handle a full range of exams, including barium studies, arthrograms, cystograms, myelography and catheter placement, all in a cost-effective approach.

"We're getting interest from almost all market segments except the small clinical practice segment," he said. "Because of the system versatility and image quality our Dynamic MUSICA image processing brings to fluoroscopy, customers are taking a fresh look at this system design. It can literally be used 24/7."

Additional features include a console for patient-side positioning, a wireless console for remote control, a compressor cone, and an auto-switching anti-scatter grid.

The DR 800 multipurpose imaging system is now available for sale.

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