CIVCO Radiotherapy and Adaptiiv ink distribution deal

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | April 20, 2018
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3-D printing of complex radiotherapy bolus
Courtesy of Adaptiiv
CIVCO Radiotherapy and Adaptiiv announced a partnership last Thursday to offer more personalized medical devices to the global radiotherapy market.

As part of the agreement, CIVCO will distribute Adaptiiv’s software applications, which are used to 3-D print patient-specific, simple or modulated thickness, bolus and high-dose-rate surface brachytherapy applicators.

The software application integrates with a facility’s existing treatment planning systems. The planning software then calculates the treatment plan and provides the ability to 3-D print the radiotherapy accessories.

That approach provides an alternative to having to use a conventional simple bolus, which may not fit the patient, and expensive applicators. Adaptiiv has received CE mark for these software applications, but is still awaiting regulatory approval in the U.S.

CIVCO is based in Orange City, Iowa and has been in operation for 35 years. Its portfolio includes couchtops and overlays for linear accelerators and imaging systems, patient immobilization solutions, robotic patient positioning and advanced fiducial markers.

Peter Hickey, CEO of Adaptiiv, said in a statement that CIVCO's highly professional sales team and international distributors will give them global reach and will play a significant role in their efforts to provide their patient-specific solution to the global radiotherapy market.

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