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Edward Cronin, CEO of AHRA, discusses his decision to retire

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | April 03, 2018
Business Affairs
Edward Cronin
After a 14-year journey that saw him transition from executive director to CEO of one of the most respected associations in the medical imaging industry, Edward Cronin is exchanging his post for a new and even greater position: retired grandfather.

The cum laude Harvard College graduate announced last month his intention to retire at the end of this year, saying there is a "right time for everything," thanking AHRA's board of directors, staff, volunteers and members for a rewarding experience. HealthCare Business News sat down with Cronin to discuss his experience over the last 14 years at AHRA and what the future holds for the industry and for himself in retirement.

HCB News: Why is now the right time for you to retire as CEO of AHRA?
Edward Cronin: Over the past 14 years we have moved AHRA in a positive direction and positioned the association for more growth and success in the future. Given the many facets of my life, I am convinced this is the right time for me to hand off the team to a new leader. Plus, if you are familiar with the Byrd's song that uses the bible phrase of my headline, you will realize I am old enough!!

HCB News: What made you originally want to pursue a career in the healthcare field?
EC: It was definitely not a career plan. I have had a varied career but for the past 30 years, I have worked for companies or associations that are healthcare related, either through our customers, researchers or members. I have enjoyed each experience

HCB News: What enticed you to join AHRA as its executive director in 2005 and later become its CEO?
EC: I was working in Chicago as the executive director for the American College of Prosthodontists, one of the nine recognized dental specialties. As a Boston native I noticed the announcement for AHRA executive director and applied. Once I had the opportunity to meet the search committee, I was hooked. Our members are dedicated, professional and committed to their profession. What makes them exceptional is their support for each other and the culture of caring that comes across every day. I knew AHRA was the right place for me.

HCB News: You have worked in many diverse sectors of healthcare, providing support to fields such as prosthodontics, blindness and urological diseases. How did your experiences in these areas prepare you for your work at AHRA?
EC: Managing an association such as AHRA is a profession in itself. Aside from the professional discipline of the particular membership, running an association is a business that requires certain knowledge and experience that translates for any organization. I find that folks who work directly in healthcare are very committed, and it is fulfilling to help them accomplish their goals of caring for patients and improving healthcare.

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