FDA clears the Arterys Oncology AI suite

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | February 16, 2018
Artificial Intelligence CT Health IT MRI Rad Oncology X-Ray
Designed for liver MR and CT
and lung CT
Arterys Inc. announced on Thursday that its Arterys Oncology AI suite scored FDA clearance.

When Oncology AI is used in combination with the company’s web-based offering, clinicians can measure and track tumors or potential cancers and apply radiological standards.

This new technology is specifically designed for liver MR and CT scans as well as lung CT scans. Arterys plans to offer more deep learning workflows for solid tumors and other organs in the future.
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Dr. Albert Hsiao, radiologist and co-founder of Arterys, explained that the industry is in desperate need of more efficient technology to automatically track lung and liver lesions to improve diagnosis, determine treatment response and automate reporting with Lung-RADS and LI-RADS.

Oncology AI operates on the Arterys Medical Imaging Cloud (MICA) AI platform, which complies with patient data privacy and security requirements in 27 countries — U.S. and Europe among them.

According to the company, Oncology AI can segment lung nodules and liver lesions with the same accuracy as manual segmentations performed by experienced clinicians. But the clinician is still in control, since they have the ability to edit the automated segmentations.

Five of Arterys’ products received FDA clearance since the company was founded in 2011. At last year’s Radiological Society of North America Meeting in November the company announced that it received FDA clearance for its Arterys MICA platform.

In January 2017, the FDA cleared the Arterys Cardio DL application, which automates ventricle segmentations based on cardiac MR images. Arterys claims that it’s the first technology to be cleared by the agency that leverages cloud computing and deep learning in a clinical setting.

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