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Dilon Technologies acquires the CoPilot VL video laryngoscope

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | January 02, 2018
Business Affairs Emergency Medicine Medical Devices Operating Room
CoPilot VL sells for $2,999
Dilon Technologies announced on Thursday that it acquired the CoPilot VL video laryngoscope for an undisclosed amount to expand its footprint into the anesthesia and airway field.

“As a major participant in the surgical probe business, we call daily on the OR, [which] is the very same calling point for the CoPilot VL,” Robert G. Moussa, chairman and CEO of Dilon, told HCB News. “The background of some of our senior management is in the anesthesiology field so it is a market segment we are very familiar with.”

CoPilot VL was designed to provide users with a clear view of their patient’s airway when placing breathing tubes. Standard video laryngoscopes sell for tens of thousands of dollars, but the developers of CoPilot VL designed it in a way that could be sold for $2,999.

It’s equipped with the patented Bougie Port system that assists the clinicians with getting the endotracheal tube into the airway. It also comes with the CoPilot VL disposable sheaths and rigid intubation stylet.

The device is portable, which makes it ideal for anesthesia in the operating room, the intensive care unit or the emergency medical responder field.

CoPilot VL will join Dilon’s expanding portfolio of imaging and intraoperative systems, which includes its Molecular Breast Imaging System for detecting breast cancer and the Dilon Navigator Gamma Probe for cancer surgery.

“There are about 20 million intubations annually in the U.S. and some 50 million worldwide,” said Moussa. “While it is a fairly crowded market segment, we strongly believe that the unique features of the CoPilot VL, coupled with the value it provides the user, will enable it to gain market share and grow rapidly.”

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