Anatomage launches Anatomage Cloud for medical image sharing

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | December 27, 2017
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Anatomage Cloud simplifies the sharing
and viewing process of medical
Anatomage Inc., a private manufacturer of tools for anatomists, has launched a new cloud-based service to simplify the distribution and sharing process of medical images.

Anatomage Cloud enables physicians to access images anywhere, on any device with a web browser-based 3-D DICOM viewer, including mobiles. Though designed in response to the growing number of specialists utilizing cone beam CT (CBCT) imaging, the service can be used to share images from any imaging modality that uses DICOM as a standard format, such as MR and PET.

“We have noticed that the increased use of 3-D CBCT scanners in dental, medical and even veterinary practices has resulted in more patient 3-D scans and the desire to collaborate with 3-D images,” David Skoff, business development manager of Anatomage, told HCB News. “For instance, an oral surgeon and orthodontist need to view the same patient scan to develop their treatment plan together. The process of sending the scan between offices by CD or USB is slow and cumbersome, but is typical because the file size is large and it requires dedicated viewing software. Anatomage Cloud solves both of these problems because it allows the doctor to send the case quickly and provides viewing capability on any device with a web browser-based 3-D DICOM viewer.”
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The universal medical image sharing platform, when used in conjunction with Anatomage’s Invivo6 workstation software, enables users to rely on no other software tools or managing files. It also ensures HIPAA-compliant image transfer and storage through its cloud technology, eliminating the need for CDs and USBs.

The integration of cloud-based capabilities is a rising trend among medical device manufacturers as providers demand quicker access and more interoperability across the health care continuum. EHR vendor MEDITECH recently introduced to its cloud subscription, MaaS, as well as Fovia, which announced the addition of its F.A.S.T. Cloud Development to its XStream HDVR SDK Suite.

Skoff says a simpler and faster process will enhance communication among physicians, enabling instant review of cases, quicker diagnoses and improved care.

“Collaborative treatment planning between doctors is always improved with clear visualization of the patient images,” he said. “Anatomage Cloud will make this process much faster and easier, so we expect better communication between doctors, and as a result, enhanced patient treatment.”

Anatomage expects the FDA to approve its Anatomage Cloud 3-D web viewer for diagnostic viewing in 2018, with the web viewer currently available to preview images on the web. Received DICOM data can be downloaded and loaded into any other medical imaging software for treatment planning.

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