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Researchers uncover world’s oldest cases of breast cancer and multiple myeloma

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | December 26, 2017
CT Rad Oncology X-Ray

The difference in preservation suggests a change in embalming techniques took place after the time of the man and woman, who have been reduced to bone and were found wrapped in a significant number of bandages.

López estimates that the woman was sick for at least three years and bedridden, requiring external care. while the man’s disease progressed more quickly, which is common in multiple myeloma. He said the discoveries, though exceptional findings, verify what is already known or thought to be true in the study of cancers.

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“These discoveries actually only provide for modern medicine the confirmation that cancer is inherent to human evolution and has accompanied humans, and living beings in general, since their inception," he added. "It is a cellular alteration of intimate origin, which can be favored to a greater or lesser degree by external agents, but in principle the alteration is intrinsic.”

CT image analysis was carried out by researchers at the Radiodiagnosis Service of Aswan University Hospital. Members of the Radiodiagnosis Service of the “Campus de la Salud” Hospital in Granada also contributed to the project.

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