GE plans to integrate MedyMatch's AI platform with CT systems

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 29, 2017
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Helps clinicians better detect stroke
CHICAGO — MedyMatch Technology announced a collaboration with GE Healthcare on Tuesday to integrate its 510(k)-pending artificial intelligence platform with the company’s CT systems.

“GE has 20,000 to 25,000 CTs in its install base, so it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to reach many customers and it’s also an opportunity for them to add value to their imaging platforms,” Gene Saragnese, chairman and CEO of MedyMatch, told HCB News at the RSNA annual meeting.

The first available application for the AI platform is for intracranial hemorrhage detection. It’s designed to be a decision support tool that helps clinicians assess patients with suspected acute head trauma or stroke.
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“Many times a patient will come into the ER who bumped their head, have a headache or have some paralysis, and the question that has to be answered is whether they have blood in their brain,” said Saragnese. “Our tool is designed to provide the second read or prioritize a case.”

To train the AI platform, MedyMatch has access to data from Massachusetts General Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and Capital Health in New Jersey.

This is MedyMatch’s third industry partnership for its AI platform. In March, the company partnered with IBM and Samsung Neurologica to integrate the platform with IBM Watson and the CereTom mobile CT.

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