Samsung Neurologica introduces its first new mobile CT in over a decade

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 30, 2017
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OmniTom on display at the
RSNA annual meeting
CHICAGO — Over a decade since the CereTom mobile CT was introduced, Samsung Neurologica released its next-generation OmniTom mobile CT at the RSNA annual meeting.

“The OmniTom takes many of the key capabilities of CereTom and packages it in a modern solution,” Philip Sullivan, president and CEO of Samsung Neurologica, told HCB News. “You truly get fixed CT imaging with a portable package.”

The OmniTom, which scored FDA clearance in August, is a 16-slice scanner — a step up from the 8-slice CereTom. It also features a new drive system with omni-directional wheels that allow for a higher degree of mobility.
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“The key thing about mobile CT is that you want to bring the imaging to the patient,” said Sullivan. “The CereTom was good at that, but the OmniTom is even better because you can get into those tight ICU rooms.”

The system is well-suited for cranial procedures and was designed to deliver high-quality, non-contrast CT, CT angiography and CT perfusion scans. Another potential application is intraoperative CT for deep brain stimulation placement.

The CereTom has become a mainstay in ambulances around the world to determine if a stroke is ischemic or hemorrhagic. It’s currently the standard for that indication, but Sullivan expects the OmniTom to eventually follow suit.

Samsung Neurologica has already installed the first OmniTom in a large academic hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

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