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Intelerad Medical Systems discusses new workflow solution, SmartLayouts, at RSNA

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | November 29, 2017
Health IT RSNA
CHICAGO — Intelerad Medical Systems elaborated with attendees at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) about the organization and management capabilities of its new enterprise workflow solution, SmartLayouts.

The system, released in October, puts radiologists in control of what they see on their viewers by enabling them to create and manage their own layout protocols quickly and directly within the InteleViewer.

“This is a key issue for radiologists – the difficulty in customizing reading environments to their own preferences,” Helene Gey, vice-president of marketing at Intelerad, told HCB News. "SmartLayouts revolutionizes this by allowing the radiologist to take a snapshot of their working environment, automating the creation of hanging protocols and intelligently applying them to future cases. SmartLayouts can also be easily shared with other radiologists within the organization."

A radiologist can simply create a protocol and take a picture of their workspace, which adds the protocol to their collection and enables sharing among groups and users across the enterprise. The solution will then use intelligent automation to create a layout as a model for dictating how future cases should appear in a viewer, based on a variety of study attributes and characteristics, and the reading preferences of the individual radiologist.

The use of SmartLayouts eliminates low-value repetitive tasks as well as the difficulty that comes with designing layout protocols, a task which often falls on the shoulders of IT staff. The solution shifts this responsibility onto the radiologists, allowing them to become more efficient and work within a more focused reading environment.

Gey says SmartLayouts is geared toward any provider that employs radiologists, and that its value can be defined by benefits of the streamlined workflow it creates.

“I think the way to measure value is based on the productivity gains, such as how much faster the radiologist is able to read, based on how they prefer to see the information,” she said.

SmartLayouts is now available using InteleViewer 4.15.1.

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