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Quantitative Insights showcases machine learning breast lesion analytics platform

por John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | December 01, 2017
Health IT RSNA
CHICAGO — Keith Tipton, CEO at Quantitative Insights, loves the buzz around artificial intelligence at the 2017 RSNA meeting that opened in Chicago on Sunday.

“The interest in AI helps all of us,” he told HCB News, referring to the many imaging companies touting the benefit of big data and machine learning. “We’ve been working for 20 years to fill this gap.”

According to Tipton, in July, the company’s QuantX platform become the first and only to receive FDA clearance (via De Novo) for an AI-based decision support toolset for breast cancer diagnosis. The platform, developed in the labs and clinics at the University of Chicago, provides software-only, real-time analysis of breast imaging exams. Tipton described their innovation as the only breast imaging support system with a robust and growing database of highly selective breast lesion pathology cases.

In its clinical study, the single-click system was shown to improve the diagnostic performance of radiologists, enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis, more personalized treatments and better outcomes for patients. Radiologists receive a computer extracted, single QI Score rating on any breast lesion for likelihood as a tumor.

“It’s a big moment for the industry,” said Tipton. “We’ve been able to achieve repeat predictability in testing with radiologists ranging from new graduates to physicians who have been practicing for 30 years.”

He noted that the longtime challenge with development of the platform was applying machine learning to analyze large amounts of data to “figure out meaningful relationships."

According to Tipton, the company plans to demo the program at the 2018 RSNA, with release in 2019.

The platform’s capabilities include:

- Reference to known diagnosis, including a comprehensive lesion set of descriptors for volumetrics, morphology and kinetics, with a similar case comparison reference.
- An advanced, real-time analytical tool set, including 4-D lesion segmentation.
- Comprehensive display and on-the-fly reformatting on demand and in real time.
- Structured reporting tool, based on standard lexicon and advanced analytics.

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