Zebra Medical offers AI access for a dollar per imaging scan

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | October 31, 2017
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Its goal is to make advanced
tools more affordable
Zebra Medical Vision is now offering a new artificial intelligence suite that gives health care providers access to its current and future algorithms for one dollar per scan.

This is part of the company’s goal to make advanced health care tools more affordable for the world’s population.

"Health care providers have been asking for a way to try AI and deep learning technologies within radiology, to understand the value it can provide," Elad Benjamin, co-founder and CEO of Zebra Medical, told HCB News. "They are unsure how the technology works and look for an affordable way to 'dip their toes.'"
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As the demand for imaging services has surpassed the number of physicians available to perform those tasks over the past two decades, it has put tremendous pressure on providers and radiologists to do more without compromising care.

Zebra Medical believes that adopting new technology that enhances radiologists’ capabilities is the solution. For example, its Deep Learning engine automatically analyzes imaging data, which helps the radiologist generate faster and more accurate reports.

Millions of longitudinal high-quality images were used to train the deep learning engine to detect a variety of medical findings. It’s currently able to detect liver, lung, cardiovascular and bone disease and in the future it will be able to spot breast cancer, lung cancer, brain trauma and hypertension as well.

The medical findings are then sent to the facility’s PACS and RIS systems. The deep learning engine has already been deployed at more than 50 hospitals around the world and has analyzed over one million images to date.

Justice Croffie

Zebra Medical AI1 = Awesomw!

November 03, 2017 04:01

Zebra AI1 is an awesome attempt that will undoubtedly revolutionize Radiology. Great job.

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