Nuevo masters en ciencias radiológicas y de la proyección de imagen de Thomas Jefferson U.

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | June 22, 2005
Thomas Jefferson University, College of Health Professions, in Philadelphia, PA, announces a Master of Science in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences for the Fall of 2005.

As the field of Radiologic Sciences changes rapidly, Thomas Jefferson University's new Master's Degree in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Program will help Managers and Executives meet the challenges of this diversified field.

Thomas Jefferson University recognizes the need for highly skilled and flexible practitioners, as well as proficient, qualified directors and administrators. To meet this need, their Master's Degree, the only one of its kind on the East Coast, is a 12-month executive style program with a focus on education or management in the radiologic and imaging sciences. The comprehensive tuition includes books, fees, and food.

The program offers many benefits:

It's fast: Earn your master's degree in 12 months.

It's convenient: In-class attendance is required every other weekend for one or one-and-a-half days, plus there is online interaction and independent study.

It's personalized: Choose an education or management track within radiologic or imaging science.

It's in a great location: Situated in the center of Philadelphia, Jefferson University is easy to access from all points on the east coast. The campus is accessible whether you are driving, taking the train, or flying.

Expert faculty: All of the instructors are experts in the field of radiologic or imaging science.

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