SELVAS Healthcare launches its ACCUNIQ BC380 AI-based body composition analyzer

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | October 04, 2017
SELVAS Healthcare's ACCUNIQ BC380
AI-based body composition analyzer
SELVAS Healthcare in South Korea launched its ACCUNIQ BC380 artificial intelligence-based body composition analyzer globally on Monday.

At a U.S. clinical trial center, the analyzer was shown to be on par with dual energy X-ray absorptiometry.

It’s is based on bioelectric impedance analysis technology and performs multi-frequency segmental body composition evaluations. Tanita Corporation’s MC-780U, which is a competitor system, can also do that but the ACCUNIQ BC380 has its own unique features.

The ACCUNIQ Manager body composition management program captures and presents all body composition results and compares them to healthy ranges. It can be used to generate personalized diet and exercise prescriptions.

The ACCUNIQ App allows the user to scan the QR code of the body composition measurement results with a smartphone so the results can be checked anytime. The ACCUNIQ Remote Support program connects the user to SELVAS Healthcare’s customer service department so that the analyzer can be repaired and upgraded more easily.

An ultrasonic height meter, fully-automatic blood pressure monitor, ankle electrodes and a thermal printer are also offered as optional add-on features.

“By launching ACCUNIQ BC380, we plan to set a new industry standard for body composition analyzers in the global market,” Ken B. Yoo, CEO of SELVAS Healthcare, said in a statement.

The analyzer will be on display at the MEDICA 2017 in Germany from November 13 to 16.

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