Hologic launches SmartCurve breast stabilization system for U.S. consumers

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 29, 2017
Women's Health
Hologic's SmartCurve breast
stabilization system
Hologic’s SmartCurve breast stabilization system is now available for purchase on the U.S. market.

The SmartCurve system is clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram without compromising image quality, workflow or dose. It is available exclusively with Hologic's Genius 3-D Mammography exam, the only mammogram clinically proven to detect 20 to 65 percent more invasive breast cancers, compared to 2-D mammography alone.

“Breast pain experienced during a mammogram is directly related to the time spent under compression and the pressure distribution on the breast,” Tracy Accardi, global vice president of research and development, told HCB News. “Those are two factors that our R&D team addressed when developing this system … the SmartCurve system, combined with the fastest 3-D mammogram available, makes the Genius exam the obvious choice for women wanting a more accurate exam that is also more comfortable.”

The discomfort of breast compression often promotes fear and anxiety in women, causing many to avoid regular mammograms that could identify if a woman is at risk for, or suspected of, having breast cancer.

The SmartCurve system consists of a proprietary curved surface that mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast to decrease pinching and enable better distribution of force over the whole breast. It uses a proprietary imaging algorithm to preserve image quality and accuracy while ensuring that radiologists and technologists administering the exam do not need to change position or workflow. The addition of Hologic’s MammoPad breast cushion with the system can also increase comfort.

A clinical study found that the system improved comfort for 93 percent of women who reported feeling moderate to severe discomfort when undergoing exams using traditional flat panel compression. Ninety-five percent of participants said they would recommend facilities that use the system.

Accardi says the ability to increase comfort during exams could help decrease anxiety and fear in women about undergoing mammograms, thereby providing potential for the SmartCurve system to become a standard resource.

“We're hopeful the SmartCurve system will become a standard tool in mammography because its focus on improving comfort is crucial to helping drive women to be compliant with their annual mammograms, which is an important issue impacting both patients and our customers,” she said.

The SmartCurve system is available standard on Hologic’s 3Dimensions mammography system and as an enhanced option for the company’s Selenia Dimensions systems.

It is also approved for sale in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market.

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