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FDA gives nod to Hitachi’s Supria True64 CT System

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 20, 2017
CT X-Ray
Hitachi's Supria True64 CT System
Hitachi’s Supria True64 Computed Tomography System is now available to U.S. consumers, following FDA-approval.

The device is the latest addition to the Supria compact CT family and is designed as an economy compact model system that consists of a premium image quality chain for providing high image quality at an affordable rate.

“We believe that we’re meeting our customer needs for value because there’s tremendous pressure on CT providers to hold down costs and perform for increasing numbers of patients,” Mark Silverman, the director of CT marketing for Hitachi Healthcare Americas, told HCB News. “We’ve been able to come up with a cost-effective solution without compromising on having a premium image quality chain in the system, which is why we named the product True64 because it has what we call the True64 slice imaging chain.”
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Some manufacturers who design economy compact CT scanners in the 64-slice market may make compromises on their products, such as how they process the detector signal, to keep costs down. Some scanners designed for 32-slice imaging may use software upscaling to acquire 64 slices.

Supria True64 consists of 64 discrete detector and electronics processing channels that enable quick and thin 64-slice imaging across its full 40 mm detector coverage to take place. It offers features for rapid workflow, is XR-29 Smart Dose compliant, does not make compromises for slice upscaling methods, and carries an eco-friendly feature called Eco-Mode, which reduces power consumption by up to 55 percent during idle periods.

The device is geared toward medium and smaller-sized hospitals, though not academic institutes, which would most likely require a higher performance system. It also is a radiology scanner and cannot be used to perform cardiac CT exams.

Silverman says, however, that the device has the potential to become a standard tool among many providers and facilities.

“I think it will be well-accepted for CT providers who are looking to purchase CT scanners because it is suited to the largest segment of buyers which are medium and smaller-sized hospitals and imaging centers,” he said.

The FDA previously approved the sale of Hitachi’s Supria 16-slice CT system in the fall of 2015.

Supria True64 is CE-marked and is also sold in parts of Asia, including Japan, where is it is manufactured.

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