'Trumpcare' likely to both contrast and mirror Obamacare

por John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | January 17, 2017
Business Affairs

"Trumpcare will experiment with value-based care, but it will depart from the current model," said Pipes. "Already, several Republican replacement plans — including House Speaker Paul Ryan's and House Representative Tom Price's — have touched on changes to value-based care."

Pipes asserted that value-based care has been bad for patients and results in rationed care. Since hospitals are only compensated with a capped fee for the health service provided, she said physicians are unable to treat patients with newer, effective methods that can be more expensive.

That, she maintained, puts patients at risk for complications down the road, and consequently, even higher health care costs.

Pipes also said that she believes that the current MIPS payment changes to physicians under MACRA legislation will remain.

"CMS will likely continue to roll out MIPS payments to doctors under MACRA," she said. "It was backed by broad bipartisan support, so unless President-elect Trump wants to engage in a heated legislative battle, he will probably allow the payments to continue as planned."

Pipes added that physicians are very concerned about how the MIPS compensation system might affect how they practice medicine.

Sally Pipes has served as a health care advisor to Rudy Giuliani. She is widely published, including in the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and has a biweekly column in Forbes magazine. Pipes has also published several books on health care policy advocating free market solutions. The goal of her organization, PRI, "is to champion freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility for all individuals by advancing free-market solutions."

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