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Reaching the right terms in hospital-radiologist contracting at RSNA

por John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | December 08, 2016
Business Affairs RSNA

The main thing, according to Davis, is that radiology groups need to have a realistic idea of how much leverage they might have in a negotiation. He also advised to try to keep the discussions from becoming confrontational.

Dr. Lawrence Muroff, FACR, CEO of Imaging Consultants, Inc. and clinical professor of radiology at the University of Florida said good contracts are achieved before negotiations even begin, and echoed the importance of friendly terms. "It's important to develop good relationships with the hospital administrator, the board and medical staff," he told HCB News.

"Attempt to establish trust," he said, and leave adversarial positions to advisors or attorneys.

Muroff also cautioned against non-compete clauses in the event the contract is terminated, and recommended avoiding confidentiality clauses surrounding negotiations or in the contract.

Radiology groups should not give up their right to legal redress and, according to Muroff, under no circumstances should the group enter into any contract that may subject it to civil or criminal liability. He added that the groups should ensure that the contract gives them the right to provide exclusive services for the entire hospital and owned facilities, not just in the radiology department.

Both Davis and Muroff supported the overall concept of "getting to yes", a popular term among hospital administrators conducting negotiations, and a reference to a book by that name.

"This is a very good book that is easily understood," shared Muroff. "It is a quick read and very relevant to what radiologists do."

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