Massive new $175 million outpatient center opens at Mt. Sinai Queens

por John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | July 11, 2016
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Courtesy: Mount Sinai
In announcing the opening of a six story, $175 million Queens outpatient campus, Mt. Sinai joins a growing number of health systems across the country reinventing the delivery of health care services sparked under the Affordable Care Act. The center is designed to manage chronic medical conditions to help keep people out of the hospital.

“We are transforming ourselves into a population health management organization focusing on wellness,” Dr. Brian Radbill, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs of Mt. Sinai, Queens told HCB News. “Inpatient admissions are now considered a failure, which is largely what health care reform is about.”

According to Radbill, many of the new services, especially imaging services, are now being offered for the first time at the Queens outpatient facility. New services include PET/CT, 3-D breast imaging, an image-guided OR and, soon to open, a low-dose lung cancer screening program.

“This is especially important for the people in our local community, who have had to travel across the river to Manhattan to get these advanced imaging services,” Radbill explained. “That may only be four miles as the crow flies, but it feels a lot longer when you don’t feel well. It will be especially helpful to cancer patients, who will be able to get their PET/CT work-ups, needed to plan their treatment locally.”

The new outpatient campus offers a lot for locals to stay close to home. The first floor is a brand new Level II emergency/trauma department that is five times the space of the old location; it is supported by a dedicated CT scanner. The new ED also features a dedicated pediatric treatment area and cardiac resuscitation room adjacent to the ambulance bay.

The new imaging center is on the second floor, where Radbill said that low-dose protocols have been adopted by board-certified radiologists. The outpatient center also features a 128-slice CT scanner. The third floor features new outpatient operating rooms, including an imaging guided OR.

The fifth and sixth floors will be home to 40 new physician practices, split between primary care, specialists, and sub-specialists.

“Not only will this new center offer outpatient services under one roof, but it also now allows us to offer surgical backup for our patients if necessary,” Radbill added. “We are proud to offer our neighbors - among the most diverse in the country - the highest level of personalized, patient-centered care.”

Mount Sinai Queens has been serving the communities of western Queens and beyond since 1999 when The Mount Sinai Hospital acquired the former Western Queens Community Hospital. The Hospital has been delivering health care in this location for 120 years. It is a member of the larger Mt. Sinai Health System, which included seven hospitals.

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