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SIIM – Q&A with Dr. Paul Nagy, 2016 SIIM Chair

por Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | June 16, 2016
From the June 2016 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

HCB News: What’s the major initiative or initiatives, you plan to push during your time as chair?
I am a teacher at heart and I plan to continue to strengthen SIIM’s tradition to create future leaders in imaging informatics. SIIM provides great educational content in our field through presentations at our annual meeting and online through our webinars. SIIM convenes researchers and industry in the field through our annual meeting and peer reviewed JDI journal to discuss the latest discoveries and technologies. SIIM brings together professionals in the field to network and exchange best practices.

I believe the greatest contribution to the field that SIIM makes is in creating the leaders for the next generation. You can become an expert by helping others. Answering a question, giving a presentation, serving on a committee, creating a new guideline, publishing a paper as well as creating applications and participating in our hackathon. These are all ways our members can become national leaders in the field. I’d like to build programs to recognize those that are helping others and contributing to the field. The industry needs more leaders that can take technology and partner with physicians and tailor it to the clinical environment.

I am very interested in continuing David Brown’s efforts to get more members engaged in SIIM. Members can now be engaged with SIIM at the annual, participate in our monthly webinars and interact through our growing online virtual community. There are a few other things I want to do — one of the challenges we need to address is to be able to better-manage images, to be able to see the longitudinal methods, because we’ll be seeing a time when patients are engaging in their medical care more than ever before, and SIIM is providing the tools.

Also exciting is interoperability and the evolution of our medical standards we use to move information within a health care system and beyond. Those standards have been around for 20 years and within the last few years, they’ve been going through a sea change toward Internet standard web services.

HCB News: Are there any big developments for SIIM that you’d like to highlight?
We’ve had a great partnership with HIMSS as a way to incorporate imaging into the enterprise. We’ve created a series of white papers and it’s been a highly productive group.

HCB News: What tops the membership’s wish list for what they want from the society?
Certainly they want to stay up with new technology, so we do a lot of education at the meeting by national leaders. Our monthly webinar series has been very successful. There’s a lot more education outside the annual meeting now. We’re having a regional meeting as well that includes education opportunities, networking and peer networking.

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