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Olympus launches VISERA 4K UHD System with 4K imaging

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | March 17, 2016
Health IT Medical Devices
the VISERA 4K UHD system
Olympus launched its new big screen surgical system, the VISERA 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Imaging System, today at the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons annual meeting. This is one of the first products developed from the partnership between Sony and Olympus.

Since 4K imaging is four times the resolution of regular HD imaging, it allows surgeons to view delicate procedures in the operating room with far greater detail. They can see the cases live on the 55-inch operative display, which magnifies anatomical features.

The image is so clear that Dr. Ninh Nguyen of the University of California Irvine Medical Center was able to see down to the capillary level, which is important for improved dissection of tissue and evaluating the perfusion of the tissue.

The VISERA 4K UHD system was specifically designed to improve the visual elements that are needed for laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgery. Olympus focused on improving light, color and resolution in order to achieve better visibility.

The system provides additional light to show bleeding in the surgical fields and deep surgical cavities, as well as enhance the viewing experience of a five millimeter telescope. Because of that, surgeons are able to perform advanced multi-quadrant procedures and procedures where access can be challenging.

The current surgical imaging technology only gives surgeons intra-operative color enhancement to identify anatomical structures and to perform precise tissue delineation. But the VISERA 4K UHD generates more vivid shades of red and yellow, allows surgeons to see fine patterns and structures with high precision, and delivers higher contrast levels.

In addition, the current technology cannot provide the level of magnification that the VISERA 4K UHD does. It allows for an “immersive experience” with less of a viewing distance and large format primary operative display.

4K imaging also shows promise for transforming the quality of teaching and sharing knowledge outside of the operating room. Live 4K images can be transmitted in real time across IP networks so that clinicians and students can view them in lecture theaters and consulting rooms.

At the MEDICA exhibition in Germany, Sony demonstrated that 4K imaging can send ultra-high definition 4K video in real time over standard IT networks.

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