Sectra acquires cloud-based IT services company, RxEye

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | January 04, 2016
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Sectra announced today that it has acquired RxEye AB, a Swedish cloud-based IT company that services over 2,000 users in Sweden, Norway and France.

RxEye has a total of six employees and had sales of about SEK 7 million, (approximately $823,000 USD) in 2015.

“RxEye is a small company with products that complement our offering of IT services, which can enhance the efficiency of communication and use of resources in medical care,” Torbjörn Kronander, president and CEO of Sectra, said in a statement.

RxEye’s Cloud service is a secure network and platform for radiologists, pathologists, oncologists to view radiology and pathology images from remote locations. It also allows them to collaborate virtually in real time.

Remote viewing of medical images is a growing area due to efficiency requirements and staff shortages, said Kronander.

“As a result of this transaction and the accompanying access to Sectra’s customer and sales network, the service can continue to be developed and contribute to simplifying the everyday work of radiologists and pathologists,” Lars Henriksson, investment manager at Industrifonden, one of the former principal owners of RxEye, said in a statement.

RxEye reported today that the number of clinical cases that have been diagnosed with RxEye Cloud in December has increased by more than 22 percent since November. The annual volume for 2015 was 1000 percent more than the total number of clinical cases for 2014.

Magnus Hök, the operations director for RxEye, said that they anticipate even more growth from the additional hospitals that have implemented the service in the last two months.

The company will be incorporated into Sectra’s Imaging IT Solutions business area. The acquisition had no material impact on the Sectra Group’s sales and operating profit, but is expected to bring a positive tax effect for the Group during the current financial year.

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