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por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | March 16, 2015
Michael Lies
After 15 years in business, Medical Advantages, Inc. will be closing its doors, so that its owners can take on new challenges.

For many years, the company provided hospitals and clinics with new and pre-owned diagnostic imaging systems at discounted prices but Lies is ready to shift gears and move onto the screenplay industry. DOTmed News had the opportunity to speak with Michael Lies, owner of Medical Advantages, about Medical Advantage's biggest achievements, the state of business today and his plans for the future.

DOTmed News: How did Medical Advantages first get started?

Michael Lies: I graduated from a radiologic technologist program in 1994. During my five year clinical involvement as a licensed radiology tech I did mobile X-ray and lithotripsy. Then a better opportunity came along when I was contracted to work with Merck pharmaceuticals performing bone density scans for their N.O.R.A. program.

During this 19 month commitment I traveled in 3 states and did 7,000 BMD scans on women. When this program ended I was contacted by the OEM that supplied the scanners to Merck. The OEM asked me to sell the scanners. I accepted this opportunity and began to sell diagnostic imaging systems to small hospitals and imaging centers.

This initial entry into the business of selling medical equipment led to opening the doors for our company, Medical Advantages Inc. With the practical assistance of my wife, Catherine, Medical Advantages Inc. thrived for 15 years.

DOTmed News: What has been Medical Advantages biggest achievement?

ML: I would say that the biggest achievement with Medical Advantages is that from the beginning we sold directly to the end user while many of the other dealers and brokers were selling only to each other. Our largest client, Medisys, was in Canada. For eight years we sold their network of imaging centers DR, ultrasound, mammographic and BMD systems. Overall our sales totals to them climbed into the seven figure range.

DOTmed News: What has been the key to your business success through the years?

Being trustworthy has played an important role in our business relationships. One example I would like to share is when a doctor in Nevada wire transferred a half million dollars to our bank account for a CT scanner. He did this end-of-year transaction on the strength of my word since no contact was signed.

DOTmed News: Why is Medical Advantages closing?

ML: Medical Advantages is closing its doors primarily because of our shift to new interests. We were fortunate in the early years in that less than half of the dealers and brokers were doing business.

Also, the fact that the CPT code reimbursement rates have dwindled over the years adds to the business challenge.

DOTmed News: What are your plans for the future?

ML: Our plans for the future have already begun. Our new company, Alcyone Pictures (www.alcyonepictures.com) is involved in writing screenplays and producing movies. If any of your readers are looking for tax write-offs and want to be involved in producing movies they may contact us at MDL@alcyonepictures.com

Also, Alcyone Pictures will be adding a new webpage in the Spring of 2015 to showcase canvas paintings.

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