Q&A con Michael Argir

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | December 24, 2014

My alignment skills were honed at a previous employer, as I was fortunate enough to have participated on a team to create one global entity in a major restructuring project. As part of this team, we were tasked with standardizing procedures, creating an efficient and quality workflow model, and developing reporting dashboards to measure success. Many of the same tasks we are doing here at Medxcel Facilities Management.

To do this, we need to attract the best and brightest. We are looking internally within Ascension Health and externally within the industry to invite these individuals into this process. Our competitors focus on other areas and purchase their expertise from external vendors. We are investing in our employees.

DOTmed: What skills did you acquire at ABM Health and ARAMARK Healthcare that you were able to bring to Medxcel?

MA: At ABM, I was part of the team that launched their health care group. Their model was based upon their mobile health care service expertise. My time at Aramark was marked by a global restructuring project.

We were challenged with creating a global business by combining and streamlining multiple organizations into a consistent global structure. This included human resource and talent development activity, operational efficiency, policies and procedures and financial reporting.

These experiences have provided me with a depth of knowledge that I truly value and I believe are very applicable to the development of a world class organization at Medxcel.

DOTmed: Were there any challenges you had to initially overcome?

MA: The rapid growth our company has experienced is truly amazing. We started this adventure in December of 2013. Since that time, we have consolidated more than 40 hospital facilities across the country.

We have utilized the best implementation and service operation resources available at Medxcel to support this rapid growth. So, one year into this process, I arrive and have been very challenged to catch-up.

Again, the executive leadership team here at Medxcel has given us complete autonomy to build this service model. We are continually challenged to communicate and grow as a team.

DOTmed: What near-term and long-term goals do you have for the company?

MA: Our near-term goals focus on the Ascension Health implementation process and our goal of consolidate, standardize and optimize.

We are building a strong foundation for a growing business but our number one focus is on the success of this company for our customer base. We understand that we are a part of the patient experience and, to be successful, we must make this our priority.

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