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Siemens introduce la nueva versión del ultrasonido del Freestyle de ACUSON

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | October 13, 2014
Siemen's ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound
Siemens announced on Friday the release of the 3.5 version of their ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system. The company claims that it's the first ultrasound with wireless transducers.

Since there are no wires in the way, physicians don't have to reposition the ultrasound in order to get better access to the patients.

The new version can perform a variety of ultrasound imaging for both diagnostic and procedural cases including vascular, musculoskeletal and nerve imaging. The needle visualization was also improved to allow for enhanced needle display during ultrasound-guided procedures.

It has a new user interface with a larger clinical image display that gives the user the option to automatically hide imaging parameters, pre-set display customization and play back clips that are up to 60 seconds long.

It also features a mobile link app that can connect the ultrasound to a Microsoft Windows tablet on a shared wireless network, which allows the users to view, open and share images and clips. They can also make patient study work lists on the tablet and then send the lists to the ultrasound in order to start the studies faster.

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