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6 preguntas con el LLC científico del Seneca

| . DOTmed::Language=HASH(0x55a3bfd2f518)->translator()->translate(text=>'An Interview with') .qq| James Lantis of Seneca Scientific LLC | November 19, 2014

DOTmed: What differentiates you from your competitors?
The majority of our competitors are manufacturers who are selling new equipment. Our company offers potential customers the option of buying used instead of overpaying for new equipment. Our customers are able to obtain high quality used equipment for a very small fraction of new prices. But they also have the security of a warranty on all our sales. When you purchase used equipment directly from the last user, many times they will not offer any warranty or follow-up after the sale. They also don't always take the best care when packaging and shipping. It can be a risky proposition. We take away all that risk to ensure our customers receive, use, and are satisfied with what they have purchased. If there are any issues along the way, we take care of it. We basically offer all the value of used equipment but remove all the risk of used equipment.

DOTmed: Give us a snapshot of your business.
Seneca Scientific buys and sells used veterinary, medical, and test equipment. We specialize in veterinary laboratory blood analyzers. "We serve the professionals who serve us". We are about to enter our 5th year of business, and have rapidly grown year after year. We sell to customers worldwide.

DOTmed: What makes you most proud of your company?
We pride ourselves in having satisfied customers. There is nothing in the business world that frustrates me more than companies who value profit over customer satisfaction. We don't take advantage of customers, we don't have hidden fees, and we don't have fine print. We are always upfront with customers and treat them like people, not profit. We don't cold call, we don't have mailing lists, and we don't hassle customers everyday trying to make a sale. We are honest and tell it like it is.

DOTmed: What new or recent technology is 'hot' in your field?
More and more veterinarians are transitioning into having in-house laboratory options. This enables immediate results for their customers and saves the clinic money. The value of used equipment makes in-house analyzers an option for start-up and low budget clinics.

DOTmed: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities that you face?
We have grown year after year, and we don't see that slowing anytime soon. There is always challenges with used equipment, but we make sure to understand any new policies and procedures so that are customers don't have any surprises.

DOTmed: What outside forces are affecting your business the most?
Manufacturers can be very aggressive when trying to sell our customers new equipment. Many times they outright lie and use unethical tactics to convince customers to purchase from them. We don't appreciate these tactics and take a 100% different approach. I believe that is why our customer base is growing so quickly. Our clients see our approach as a breath of fresh air and appreciate the honesty.

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