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GE introduce /CT PETnuevo

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | June 17, 2014
GE's Discovery IQ
GE Healthcare unveiled its Discovery IQ PET/CT last week at the annual Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging meeting.

The company claims that it provides greater sensitivity — up to 22 cps/kBq — and a larger axial field-of-view — up to 26 cm — than any other PET/CT on the market. It can potentially give radiologists the ability to see smaller lesions while delivering less radiation doses to the patient.

One of its features is the Q.Clear PET reconstruction technology, which received FDA clearance in early April. The company claims that it provides up to two times improvement in image quality and quantitation accuracy.
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New Fully Configured 80-slice CT in 2 weeks with Software Upgrades for Life

For those who need to move fast and expand clinical capabilities -- and would love new equipment -- the uCT 550 Advance offers a new fully configured 80-slice CT in up to 2 weeks with routine maintenance and parts and Software Upgrades for Life™ included.

It has a new platform design and also a new detector technology called LightBurst, which allows for fast scans at a low dose and whole organ imaging. It's also a fully scalable system so users can upgrade when needed, and it will be available for the mobile market.

The system was first introduced in India in March, in GE's effort to work toward creating a healthier India and speeding up the detection of cancer for early treatment. It was created through a $15 million investment and three years of collaborative development with nuclear medicine physicians and oncologists in India.

GE stated that the system is affordable, and also scalable and upgradable to fit the needs of the health care providers in India.

"We've focused on designing the system to make it as accessible as possible to more people in more places, to ensure high-performance PET/CT clinical care is available to whomever needs it," Steve Gray, president and chief executive officer of GE Healthcare MICT, said in a statement.

It is currently pending FDA approval.

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