Over 150 Total Lots Up For Auction at One Location - CA 05/31

MEDiSURG lanza el negocio justo de la valuación del mercado para los centros de la cirugía, las clínicas y los ejercicios privados

por John Weymouth, Director of Sales, MEDiSURG | June 01, 2013

DOTmed: What type of product or service did this sale involve?
Fair Market Valuations, FMV, are designed to give the owner and purchaser the true value of the equipment in a private practice, clinic or an entire surgery center. MEDiSURG focuses on creating a compete formal report on each system along with comparison systems so a final value can be reached. Marietta Memorial Health System has utilized our services as they recruited physician practices.

DOTmed: What, in your view, was the reason your company won the contract?
The reason Marietta Memorial Health System chose MEDiSURG to do the valuations is our expertise and knowledge of medical equipment and the resources that MEDiSURG has developed over the years.

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