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El complejo de plata iónico diseñado para el uso en seres humanos recibe los E.E.U.U. Patente

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | July 05, 2006
Opti-Silver has patented
a form of nano silver
As reported in www.send2press.com

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Invision International Health Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in the field of ionic silver use in humans, recently announced the issuance of a U.S. Patent on its "Ionic Silver Complex" technology.

The technology is also patented in Australia and New Zealand, and patents are pending in Europe and Japan. The patents provide broad composition-of-matter protection, covering a wide range of complexing agents and counter-ions.

The use of ionic silver in human use goes back hundreds -- indeed thousands -- of years. During the past century, it was predominantly used in the medical field in the forms of silver nitrate and colloidal silver -- which has been increasingly used during the past few decades. In Europe, pharmacists have silver compounds listed in their desk references for many uses. In the U.S., recent university studies are suggesting far-reaching potential benefits of ionic silver. The past few years have seen a surge in the number of medical and industrial products that deliver silver ions, for a wide range of uses.

Whether colloidal silver, silver-impregnated bandages and wound dressings, coatings for surfaces in hospitals and homes, or catheters and IV needles, the goal is the controlled delivery of silver as ions. Delivery is a function of the bonding agent - the complexing or compounding agent - which controls the release of the silver as ions in the given environment at the desired rate.

Invision has already incorporated the patented technology into a water-based dietary supplement called Silver 100. The key ingredient in Silver 100 is called Opti-Silver - silver ions complexed with citrate and potassium for optimal delivery of silver ions in the human body.

According to Jay Newman, president of Invision International, the patented technology represents a quantum leap in delivering silver ions internally to the human body. "We chose citrate because we believe it is, by far, the ideal carrier for efficient delivery of silver ions for human use," Newman said, "based on years of effort and research that required millions of dollars invested." Potassium is used as the counter-ion for equilibrium in the water. "Silver 100 uses all-natural ingredients and is intended to provide an entirely safe product that introduces less silver to the body than what may exist in a person's average drinking water intake - but as active ions."

"We believe the compounds in colloidal silver have bonds that are too strong and thus release only a small percentage of their silver as ions in the body," Newman said, "while products called 'ionic' or 'nano' are usually just colloidal silver -- or are common substances like silver nitrate thrown in water and, as such, the bonds are far too weak to carry the silver ions into the body. Colloidal silver is manufactured through a crude, antiquated process called electrolysis. Many companies promote colloidal silver -- and 'ionic' and 'nano' silver -- using flamboyant marketing claims about particle size, parts per million, and safety that have little if any basis in scientific fact. We are bringing legitimacy and integrity to the field."