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El hospital de la universidad de Brookdale y el centro médico

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | June 30, 2006
As a teaching hospital, Brookdale is dedicated to training new physicians. Experienced full-time and voluntary attending physicians, in turn, must keep completely up to date with the expanding body of medical knowledge in order to properly train our House Staff.

Brookdale's House Staff is comprised of graduate doctors, physicians who already have their medical degrees and are receiving further training in a specialty. Residents are in the initial phase of postgraduate training, and fellows in the process of obtaining more advanced specialty training.

Residents and fellows gradually increase their responsibility consistent with their experience but, always with the proper level of supervision. With residents present around the clock, patients at Brookdale have quality medical care available on a full-time basis.

Another benefit in seeking a teaching hospital is the research that takes place. Because research plays an important role in Brookdale, all of the hospital's physicians keep abreast of the most current methods, and initiate the discovery process themselves.

Patients who live in the Brookdale community gain yet another advantage by living near a teaching hospital. Most of Brookdale's graduating residents and fellows go into practice in our area, adding to the medical resources the community can draw on. And much of Brookdale's research focuses on the serious medical issues the community faces, such as heart disease, hypertension or breast cancer.

PostGraduate Training programs
- Anesthesiology
- Dental/Oral Surgery
- Medicine
- Obstetrics and Gynecology
- Pediatrics
- Psychiatry
- Psychology
- Surgical Services
- Urology

To find out more, go to PostGraduate Training programs

Clinical and Support Programs
- Clinical Laboratories
- Community Health Services
- Dermatology
- Emergency Medicine
- Family Practice
- Neurology
- Orthopedic Surgery
- Pathology
- Radiation Oncology
- Radiology
- Rehabilitation Medicine

Click on Clinical and Support Programs for more info.

Osteopathic Teaching programs
The Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center extends its long history of quality education to students currently enrolled in all colleges of osteopathic medicine, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In affiliation with the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, The Brookdale University hospital and Medical Center has, since 1986, offered 12 postgraduate positions in an osteopathic internship program.