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Phil consigue su carótida explorado en el ECR

por Philip F. Jacobus, CEO | March 13, 2013
SuperSonic Imagine's
Aixplorer ultrasound system
This past weekend, I was in Vienna attending the European Congress of Radiology. This is my tenth visit to that show and I love Vienna.

If you are interested in my opinion, the ECR of 2013 was busier than the ECR of 2012. I am told that people were buying.

While at the the show I ran into Michele Debain who works for the French ultrasound company SuperSonic Imagine. Michele is always nice to talk to so I stopped by to say hi. I am so glad I did because Michele invited me to come by the SuperSonic Imagine booth to have my carotid artery scanned using the Aixplorer ultrasound system.

I felt a little embarrassed about the imposition but I got over it pretty quickly because I was anxious to know whether I had any plaque in my arteries.

Luckily for me, a physician by the name of Professor Correas (from the famous Necker Hospital in Paris, France) was driving the machine and in just a few short moments, he was showing me images of my carotid artery and the blood vessels in my neck.

You will be happy to know that I have no plaque.

The whole process took just a few moments too. I asked Michele how it was possible to do this so fast. I hate to sound like a sales person but Michele told me the Aixplorer system is the only system with technology to combine Color Dopper with Pulse Wave Dopper into one mode: UltraFast Doppler. All the color and pulse wave information is available after three seconds of scanning. SuperSonic Imagine claims that they are the only company with this technology.

I will tell you this, I try to diet and exercise so I am sure glad it is paying off. I am happy I ran into Michele, and in July I will ask the writers to look into seeing just how unique SuperSonic Imagine's technology is.

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About Phil Jacobus

Phil Jacobus has been involved in health care since 1977, when he visited China to sell equipment. He has done business in 35 countries and still travels extensively. Phil is active in charity, helps rural clinics and always tries to help DOTmed users when he can.

Phil is a member of AHRA, HFMA, AAMI and the Cryogenic Society of America. He has contributed to a number of magazines and journals and has addressed trade groups.

Phil's proudest achievement is that he has been happily married to his wife Barbara since 1989, who helped him found DOTmed in 1998.

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