Lugares que cambian y mudanza adelante

por Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed News Associate Editor | November 01, 2012
From the November 2012 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Changing places
At my first RSNA nearly three years ago, I kept hearing about PACS and had no idea what anyone was talking about. It took me a few conversations before I dared to interrupt - "and, um, what is PACS?" This is not because I'm too proud to ask stupid or basic questions. It's just that even if you're the humblest, most modest soul in the world, it's hard to confess ignorance when someone speaks to you in a tone of voice that suggests you know what they're talking about. You don't want to disappoint. You're compelled to go with the flow.

This is maybe the biggest hurdle for someone starting out reporting in a technical field. But it's one I've overcome: I'm now much less shy at asking stupid questions. I take this to be a victory of sorts.

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And with that victory, I'm somewhat changing my role here. When you get this in your hands, my colleague Loren Bonner will have taken over as online editor. This isn't a goodbye right now - I'll be helping with the transition and covering some complex topics for DOTmed News. In the meantime, just shift your focus to the letter below to read Loren's introduction.

Brendon Nafziger
Online Editor

Moving forward

Unlike Brendon, I haven't earned my RSNA stripes yet, with this November marking my first trip to the big show. Still, I would like to believe I have overcome some of the hurdles of writing for a niche field. I've been a reporter for DOTmed News since March, mostly writing for the magazine, but also contributing a fair amount to the online news section. No doubt, it will be hard to fill Brendon's shoes as online editor, but if anything, I've got a head start.

I'll also say as I write this roughly two weeks ahead of November 6th, I think no matter who's elected, we're going to see health reform move forward and mainly good things happen for the imaging sector. To drive home what many folks I've spoken to have been saying: "President Obama didn't kill the market, the uncertainty did."
Loren Bonner
Online Editor

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